IFRS PARTNER and Customer Success - References

Manufacturing Company:
"We selected IFRS PARTNER because of the logical, phase-by-phase methodology used to address a complex issue. We also liked the fact that the methodology was product based so we could drive the transition ourselves." - CFO

miningMining Company:
"The transition from GAAP to IFRS is a significant undertaking. We moved forward with the IFRS PARTNER product because of the strong value it provides in terms of analysis, reduced transition costs, and more effective utilization of our management time. The training from Issues Central got us up and running in less than one day." - CFO                                             

Technology Company:
"I do thank the team at Issues Central for expediting my IFRS PARTNER software and the assistance in helping me to develop a GAAP-to-IFRS diagnostic quickly.  Your customer service was extraordinary and I am appreciative.  As a result of our efforts, I was in a position to meet with my auditors, Audit Committee and Board this past week to demonstrate that we have a solid game plan for our IFRS transition.” - CFO

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT):
"Our REIT was looking for a diagnostic tool to identify similarities and differences between GAAP and IFRS.  Because we were already using CFO PARTNER compliance software to document and test internal controls for CEO/CFO certification purposes, it was an easy decision to choose IFRS PARTNER to assist with the transition to IFRS and the accounting policy choices that need to be made.   After the initial web based training session I was able to efficiently perform the financial statement scoping exercise and move on to the accounting policy development phase.  The Issues Central team was there to provide assistance whenever I needed it.  IFRS PARTNER is the cost effective solution our organization was looking for during these uncertain economic times.” - Controller  

oil & gasJunior Oil & Gas Producer:
“Oil and gas companies face some difficult challenges in moving from GAAP to IFRS. In looking at how we were going to address these challenges we evaluated different options for assistance with our transition activities. We moved forward with the IFRS PARTNER product because it was the only solution that combined a comprehensive and easy-to-use approach with unmatched affordability…. With IFRS PARTNER we aren’t talking about going to IFRS, we are well on our way.”   - CFO

Mining Company:
"We liked the fact that IFRS PARTNER makes available extensive content that we can customize to our environment. The product demonstration of the Scoping tools made the decision a very simple one. It also fit in our budget. Great value!" - Controller

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