The IFRS PARTNER solution is brought to you by Issues Central, Inc., developers of specialized content and technology solutions to facilitate IFRS transition, financial reporting and financial compliance.

Issues Central, Inc. – Developers of IFRS PARTNER
Founded in 2002, Issues Central, Inc. (ICI), has offices in New York, San Jose and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. ICI is an elite team with broad industry and multi-national experience in the areas of technology entrepreneurship, financial systems and accounting, internal audit expertise, software development, marketing and sales, all underpinned by a dedication to customer service.
ICI initial products focused around financial compliance in support of improved internal controls over financial reporting and strengthened disclosure controls as mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 in the United States. In 2008, ICI introduced the world’s first local GAAP-to-IFRS transition management with IFRS reporting product – IFRS PARTNER. IFRS PARTNER is the global standard for undertaking a smooth and cost effective IFRS transition supported by ongoing IFRS financial reporting.

Issues Central, Inc. – Management
The ICI team is led by:

Cathy Connally - President

Cathy ConnallyCathy Connally, CIA, and President of Issues Central, Inc. Cathy started her career in the finance departments of Atlantic Richfield and British Petroleum. She has over twenty-five years experience in financial transition and compliance management, internal audit and executive management. Cathy is a serial entrepreneur having founded successful technology and professional services firms in both the United States and Canada. She has worked with over eight hundred organizations around the world on financial compliance and transition projects. She is an authority on IFRS transition activities as well as SOX 404 and NI 52-109 financial compliance. Cathy is a co-author and primary architect of the industry leading GAAP-to-IFRS transition and reporting solution, IFRS PARTNER. She is also the lead content developer of the CFO PARTNER line of financial compliance products for SOX 404 and NI 52-109 compliance. Cathy is a summa cum laude B.Sc graduate in finance from the University of Colorado at Boulder. 
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Charley Best – Vice President

Charley BestCharley Best, Vice President of Issues Central, Inc. Charley started his career in marketing and sales in the technology sector with Gennum Corporation. He has over twenty-five years of marketing and sales, consulting and executive management experience. He has founded consulting and software development/distribution businesses and is the developer/author of a line of software-based implementation and guidance tools to ease the implementation of manufacturing and distribution systems. At Issues Central, Inc. he leads the company’s marketing and sales activities and strategic relationships. He has worked extensively with target markets in the United States, Canada and Africa to research and deploy winning financial compliance, financial transition/reporting and governance solutions. Charley has an M.B.A. from York University in Toronto and a B.A. from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. 

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